Where to look?

You’re heading out on your game drive, camera and binoculars at the ready. But how do you find the wildlife? Here are a few tips to boost your chances.

States of mind

Having travelled extensively for more than 25 years in 21 African countries, from Namibia to Nigeria, Cape Town-based guide book author Lizzie Williams has enjoyed a full range of experiences. Above all, she’s learnt some secrets for getting the best out of Africa, and they’re largely a question of attitude. Here’s her advice to help you prepare for your next safari.

Six essential planning questions

So, you want to visit Africa? Knowing how to start the planning process can be seriously daunting: the continent offers an extraordinary amount choice. And while choosing the right destination may seem like the most pressing issue to anyone planning an African holiday or adventure, “Where should I go?” is invariably the last thing you should ask.

Safari packing advice

Many people preparing for a trip to Africa, particularly for the first time, will feel a little anxious when it comes to packing. Any time you venture into the unknown, you’re bound to worry you haven’t thought of everything, but clearly the conditions and experiences you’ll face on safari will call for more considered planning.

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